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unsure which shade or products to choose?
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We know it can be tricky to match an online product to your skin so we invite you to provide information about your skin + some images + your skin goal to make sure you get the best match possible.

Just follow our simple hints below to get started.

Hints to completing the form

  1. Take some photos of yourself in natural lighting + have them ready to upload when completing the form.
    You can include up to 3 images + we ask that you include your shoulder tops so we can better assess your skin tone.

  2. Familiarise yourself with our Foundation range so that you can decide which of them you’d like us to use in our recommendation.

  3. Have a think about your skin goal ie. what type of outcome are you after?

  4. Once you have added all your information and clicked the ‘Submit your request’ button please allow up to 24 hours for our response. We aim to get back to you with a day but if you do not get a response within a day, please feel free to contact us directly via

    NOTE: check your email Junk folder first just in case it has landed in there.
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